Started on May 28, 2010

Pajama Mama is my website. It is a beginning place for so many of my desires. My desire to serve the Lord, to be with my children at home and to help my community and other women like me who just need to find a way to supplement their income so they can do what they love best - take care of their family!

The dailiness of everything, ways to create and cope, help and heal, learn and live! research

In my desire to try to understand what about Shakeology
makes me feel so much better and why I have had such a
change in the two years I have been drinking it, I did some
research. I wanted to know how it got started and why.

Apparently Carl Daikeler, founder of Beachbody, was
eating a hamburger and his wife, who had years of
experience in designing supplements shakes, told him he
ate like a 2 year old. He asked her to help make a shake he
would like to drink and make it nutritious enough to make
up for his lack of eating vegetables. Her search for
ingredients led her to a man named Darin Olien who
searched the world looking for the best sources of
nutrition. The nutrition found in plants are called
phytonutrients and Shakeology is full of them. One shake
is full of more of these phytonutrients than we would be
able to consume in a day’s worth of eating.

​I went to WebMD (my go to when I have medical questions) and found the following:

Phytonutrients – phyto refers to the word plant. The chemicals contained within the plant naturally protect it from things that would harm it, such as bugs, germs, fungi, etc.

Things that are found in phytonutrients are:

·        Carotenoids – antioxidants, lycopene, lutein – these all found in many varieties of fruits and vegetables.

·        Ellagic Acid – protects against cancer. Slows growth, helps liver neutralize cancer-causing chemicals in your system

·        Resveratrol -antioxidant, anti-inflammatory

·        Glucosinolates -from cruciferous vegetables. They turn into other chemicals through  cooking and digestion and are thought to  slow the growth of cancer.

·        Phytoestrogens – lignans such as flaxseeds and sesame seeds lower risk of endometrial cancer and lower  risk of bone loss in women (research here is limited)

·        Flavonoids – catechins found in green tea that also prevent certain types of cancer. Hesperidan – found in citrus fruits, works as an antioxidant reducing inflammation in the body. Flavonols – Quercetin – found in apples, berries, kale and onion may help reduce asthma, certain types of cancer and coronary heart disease.

So when I look at the labels on Shakeology and see: coffee fruit, Pomegranate, Moringa, Gingko, Yacon root, and Bilberry to name a few, I am sure I am getting what WebMD was talking about and it makes sense that I have lost my foggy brain, listlessness and depression. The energy that came within a few months of drinking this super-shake has been one that has truly changed me. I am not a sales person. I will not tell people to drink something I don’t believe in 100% with my own monetary backing for over two years now.

I have tried it, I have tried being without it and I am sold that this is something I need unless I am going to be consistent in eating correctly. And I just won’t. This is the answer for me. I have called this a journey. And it is. I have never expected to be the young skinny thing I was at 20 or even 30. But I am so much better than I have been in 11 years, when all of these problems started. Problems with depression, circulation, GERD, high-blood pressure…all of these have corrected themselves without medication due to good nutrition through Shakeology and exercise. I have so much to look forward to now. I pray you will join me on the journey!


The Reason Why 

So I am on two years now. I am convinced now more

than ever that I love my Shakeology and my Beachbody


Here's Why:

Two years ago I would spend at least one weekend a month in the bed due to depression. After working all week, I would find that when the weekend came I was depleted. Working with Special Education can be a joy. But it can be difficult at times. Add the fact that I am a serious introvert and then working with teachers, parents and kids becomes downright exhausting. I would come home some Fridays and crawl in the bed and not get up again until Monday morning when I had to do it all over again.

I would not take anti-depressants. I hated the way they make me feel and having to take pills is just an issue for me. I just won't do it.  I am not good with any kind of medication which leads me to my next reason. 

My blood pressure two years ago was pre-hypertensive. I would have huge spikes of high blood pressure. They started making me watch it. I was advised to start exercising, cut down on sodium and such. The next August I was approached by my now Beachbody Coach and asked to give Shakeology and the Beachbody program 21 Day Fix a shot. It took me a while, but I needed change badly and tried it. 

Life changing. 

My blood pressure is now 114/71 which is the low side of normal. I have not spend a weekend in bed in two years. I have - through nutrition and exercise - learned to manage some serious complications with my health. 

Shakeology and Beachbody are the basis of all of this amazing change. 

Once I started drinking my dense nutrition in a delicious chocolate (it's my favorite), I noticed a huge change. The depression vanished. I got back my energy. I started being productive again. I didn't just give everything at my job and then come home with nothing left. I started being able to pour myself into my kids again. I also started getting those projects I just couldn't find time for. 

My life has changed drastically in the two years I have been drinking Shakeology

This is an undeniable fact. Nothing else has changed. Good nutrition and exercise are the key and a huge tool in this is the easily digestible nutrition that is so easy to get - daily - through Shakeology and Beachbody. 

SO it just makes sense that I would want to become a coach to help others do the same thing. It is a blessing to be able to work side by side with others who are wanting to be the best they can be for their family, their job and their LIFE! 

Please come and JOIN ME ON THE JOURNEY

Best Regards - 


​​​​​​​​​January 30.2016

So the little blurb above is what I posted 7 years ago on my facebook page for Pajama Mama as my heart's desire for myself and for others with my Pajama Mama website. It has had many hiccups. More stops than starts to be honest. My journey to now has been a tough one. It has been a lot of uphill climbing and many exhausted moments saying, "I can't do this". But this is not so. I can do this. I am called to do this. 

So this is the beginning of me...stepping out in obedience and acting on what I have been called to do. I have so many things in my head that want to be played out in real life. Over the next few months I want to take you on this journey with me. I pray you find the strength and motivation to live out your dreams.

I am going slow - so bear with me.

God bless and keep you on your daily journey.... would love it if you joined me!