I cut out my shapes. In this case crosses. I then lay strips of paper that have been dipped in water and glue and cover the cross. 

So my first cross I gave to my sister in law for her birthday. I am hoping I get better and better. I consider it a journey. Every time I make one I figure out a new thing that makes the next one that much better. It's kind of like life that way. Each new experience makes us better prepared for the next experience. God is good like that. 

This was my first one. 

I start with trash - things that I usually have thrown away or put in the recycle bin. 

The dailiness of everything, ways to create and cope, help and heal, learn and live!

Started on May 28, 2010

Pajama Mama is my website. It is a beginning place for so many of my desires. My desire to serve the Lord, to be with my children at home and to help my community and other women like me who just need to find a way to supplement their income so they can do what they love best - take care of their family!

I've been working on this for years now. I just lose focus, or gumption and let it fall to the wayside. My first job is wife to my sweet husband and raising three boys. My second job is working with special needs kids at the local high school. My third is keeping my neighbor's children after school while they work. This will be my fourth job. But it is also something I enjoy. With two starting college this year, I need the extra income!

So welcome to my papier-mache' world! 

Then I paint them. 

​​​​​​​​​January 30.2016

So the little blurb above is what I posted 7 years ago on my facebook page for Pajama Mama as my heart's desire for myself and for others with my Pajama Mama website. It has had many hiccups. More stops than starts to be honest. My journey to now has been a tough one. It has been a lot of uphill climbing and many exhausted moments saying, "I can't do this". But this is not so. I can do this. I am called to do this. 

So this is the beginning of me...stepping out in obedience and acting on what I have been called to do. I have so many things in my head that want to be played out in real life. Over the next few months I want to take you on this journey with me. I pray you find the strength and motivation to live out your dreams.

I am going slow - so bear with me.

God bless and keep you on your daily journey.... would love it if you joined me!